It's My Life

Show up for YOUth…

…the YOU within & youth without.

Remember having no control & being told what to do? Know what that does to youth over time? They learn not to trust themselves.

With the support of a Trusted Adult, youth deepen their perspective to make more informed choices, improve their ability to problem solve & become the best possible leader of themselves.

Make YOUth a priority to be seen & heard - without judgement, interruption, or direction.



Mentor youth &

MoDel ResiliencE

by being a Trusted Adult.

It’s My Life promotes Community Engagement with the goal of sparking conversation about ACEs and how having a Trusted Adult is key to prevention.

Passionate about joining forces & sharing resources, Marcella Maggio provides trauma-informed, resilience-focused strategies with youth, adults, and youth-serving organizations to prevent & respond to ACEs.

For years, Marcella had no awareness that her childhood trauma contributed to adulthood drama: victim mentality, blaming others, shaming herself & modeling unhealthy behaviors to youth she lived & worked with until she took accountability & decided to Thrive!


Debut episode: What is a Trusted Adult?

Show up for YOUth:

Facing ACEs & Finding ME Podcast

3 survivors. 10 questions. 1 per episode.

With guests, Host & Survivor Marcella Maggio sheds light on the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) darkest study… Facing Adverse Childhood Experiences & Finding Mindful Experiences.