haVe youth ever snapped at you?

Or reacted in ways that seemed extreme for the situation?

HaVe you fElt stressed or lost aboUt how to talk with them?

You're not alone.

Being an “adult” can be exhausting, especially with youth. Their behaviors can trigger us, causing us to feel clueless and helpless. Which is why only 1 in 4 youth know an adult they can trust. But without one, youth risk developing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences); childhood trauma that leads to adulthood drama.

Be the Trusted Adult YOU needed and youth need!

Learn tips & talks for trusted adults: create Safe spaces & normalizE conversations about relationships, Resilience & resources.

Discover why youth and adults alike are triggered and re-traumatized by people who want to be Trusted Adults but don’t know how.


Mentoring, Real Talks & Workshops


The Hell that was Home.


Light shed on the CDC’s darkest study.

In 2010, Survivor, Preventionist & Speaker, Marcella Maggio started researching the CDC’s ACE study and discovered the link between childhood trauma & adulthood drama (physical/social/emotional problems).

Driven to help people heal from hurt & reach their highest potential, she shares how to mentor YOUth & model resilience by being a Trusted Adult.

Marcella is an award-winning activist, graduate of Mid-City CAN’s (Community Advocacy Network) Resident Leadership Academy & currently serves on CPEDV’s (California Partnership to End Domestic Violence) Survivor Advisory Committee.

Youth are often surrounded by adults who are afraid of them growing up. But silence only hinders them from having healthy relationships, first and foremost with themselves.
— Marcella Maggio