It’s easy to hide behind the statement: “It’s my life”

but what does that mean?

Is it your life?

When bad things happen in our homes & neighborhoods during youth, safe spaces can feel nonexistent causing us to distrust & develop ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). But exposure to trauma & having it excused as love often leads to generations who ignore red flags & repeat unhealthy relationships.

Face ACEs & Show up for YOUth…

…the YOU within & youth without.

Mentor & model healthy ABCs

(Awareness - Boundaries - Consent) in your relationships!

Still surviving?
Ready to Thrive?
It’s your life, right?


Mentoring, Real Talks & Workshops


The Hell that was Home.


Light shed on the CDC’s darkest study.

In 2010, Survivor, Preventionist & Speaker, Marcella Maggio was introduced to the CDC’s ACE study & discovered the link between childhood trauma & adulthood drama (physical/social/emotional problems) in her own life.

Tired of the results that her victim mentality provided, she decided to take accountability & Thrive. Today she helps others heal from hurt by sharing how to mentor YOUth & model resilience by being a Trusted Adult.

Marcella is a trained & skilled prevention expert, trainer on the experiences of ACEs, Intimate Partner Violence & Sexual Violence survivors and their impact of trauma on children. She is also a graduate of Mid-City CAN’s (Community Advocacy Network) Resident Leadership Academy & a member of CPEDV’s (California Partnership to End Domestic Violence) Survivor Advisory Committee & key trainer on their Building Change Together training (an essentials of prevention training for advocates & staff) & a member on the California Department of Public Health’s Essentials for Childhood (EfC) Initiative.

“Next time I’ll see the red flags.”

“Only if you’re looking in a mirror.”