In today’s hashtag world of #ifidieinaschoolshooting, #metoo & #stopbullying…

Only 1 in 3 youth know an adult they trust enough to talk to. Without one, they often become adults who have ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), effecting their health, wealth & ability to break the cycle.

Learn tips & talks for trusted adults to create Safe spaces and normalizE conversations with youth about their relationships, Resiliency & resources.

Be the Trusted Adult you needed and youth need!

Marcella Maggio

In 2008, Survivor, Preventionist & Speaker, Marcella Maggio started researching the CDC’s study on ACEs and decided to channel her passion into a career, tackling the topics of healthy relationships, sexual assault, community engagement, and social justice.

Driven to help YOUth realize their potential, she uses mentoring sessions, keynote talks & interactive-workshops to teach others how to become Trusted Adults and create safe, supportive spaces in their homes & neighborhoods.

Marcella is an award-winning activist, graduate of Mid-City CAN’s (Community Advocacy Network) Resident Leadership Academy & currently serves on CPEDV’s (California Partnership to End Domestic Violence) Survivor Advisory Committee.


The Hell that was Home.

YOUth matter, yet often feel unseen and unheard by the adults around them.


Light shed on the CDC’s darkest study.