Facing ACEs & Finding ME Podcast

episode 2: with guests Jennie olson-six

& matthew iske of Your Truth FOUNDATION

3 survivors.

10 questions.

1 per episode.

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With guests, Host & Survivor Marcella Maggio sheds light on the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) darkest study… Facing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & Finding Mindful Experiences (ME).

If you know what it feels like to hurt and heal, or you haven’t found what works for you, let’s get real and talk. Be the Trusted Adult YOU needed & youth need!

showcase your ACE(s) via stories, confessions, poems, music, LYRICS, quotes & various forms of self-expression. remain anonymous, use YOUR real name or an alias. Have Questions? Are you an expert? Want to be a resource? email: Showupforyouth@gmail.com

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**Trigger Warning: Facing ACEs can bring up memories that have been buried since youth. The questions, answers, or both can be difficult to process alone. Thankfully, you're not. Once you've completed the quiz, please advise if you'd like additional support in the Comments/Questions section and I'll reach back.** According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the rougher your childhood, the higher your Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) score and potential risk for later health problems and a shorter lifespan. Check the boxes for the questions/ACEs you answer "Yes" to/identify with. *Remember, every box you check counts as one (1) ACE.* Prior to your 18th birthday:
Guests are required to share their ACE in five minutes or less via a personal story, confession, poem, music, lyrics, quote, or another form of self-expression approved by Producer.
Guests will be expected to share opinions about the research and resiliency skills they discovered and attempted
Trusted Adult = A person who creates a safe space for a child to be seen and heard, without judgment, interruption, or direction.