“Youth grow to be, what they see. The patterns, the cycles, the learned behaviors.”


Mentoring Sessions

One-on-One & Groups

Survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are offered in-depth problem-solving solutions to Identify their Identity, thereby building empathy and trust, strengthening bonds, and feeling supported to end relationships that are no longer healthy.

It’s not about blaming or shaming guardians, but about acknowledging the past to shape a balanced future, starting with the present. Individualized plans are created, with resources and ongoing support provided.


Speaking Engagements

Every talk is real & interactive. Where we dig beneath the surface, asking questions & uncovering answers, because every ACE has the potential to help or hinder our future... victim mentality, survivor or Thriver?


Passionate about advocating for change in prevention education, Marcella Maggio shares stories about thriving after victimization and re-victimization, filtering every speech with Tips & Talks for Trusted Adults (informative tips and real talks).

Her friendly yet straightforward message and delivery has made her a sought-after speaker, educating both youth and those who serve them about: ABCs in Relationships, Bystander Intervention, Identity, Mentorship, Resiliency and Social Justice.



  • California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV)

  • Mental Health Systems (MHS)

  • University of California San Diego


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1 Hour - Half Day; development, facilitation & evaluation, plus materials. Rates vary.

A Trusted Adult: Bring the Hood Back to the Child

Inspired by Mister Rogers Neighborhood, which understood the importance of community, this workshop defines the role of a Trusted Adult and how rallying together to educate and raise a child not only promotes the youth's safety and wellness, but the neighborhoods. While adults may attempt to help individually, when done collectively, neighborhood youth receive the message that adults care and community matters.

Intended Audience

Designed for adults, parents/guardians, professionals who work with youth and families, including educators and administrators, childcare providers, law enforcement, youth-serving organizations, health and human service providers, faith-based organizations, healthcare, and victim advocates.

Identity Quest for You(th): Taking the Road Less Traveled

We can feel lost, not wanting to ask for directions. Instead, we guess where we need to be and hope for the best. This workshop will question the purpose of adulthood and discuss the best strategies to navigate the way. Is adulthood universal? While attempting to find out and prove ourselves, we usually travel with an outdated map, one that has relationship patterns set by ideals and opinions from generations long ago. Participants will learn how to facilitate interactive evaluations, allowing youth the opportunity to engage in conversations about awareness, boundaries, consent and bystander intervention, thereby learning that the best map is our own moral compass.

Tune In & Watch Out: Recognize & Reshape Trauma within Media

Media influences the public's perception of trauma by glorifying violence through fighting and jealousy. Traumatized children can potentially view abusive relationships in the media as normal, even inspiring because they want to emulate what they see and hear. When reality TV becomes reality, children often don’t recognize their need to seek help or learn about resiliency. This workshop will identify trauma, and the short-term and long-term effects of media consumption. Participants will practice teaching children about the differences between fantasy and real-life situations, encouraging critical evaluation.

Unseen, Unheard, Until Now: Supporting the Ongoing Success of Survivors

1 in 3 people live with trauma impacted by ACEs, sexual assault, relationship violence, and agencies who have re-victimized them by limiting their potential and access to resources. The same agencies who claim to empower their clients to be courageous survivors, offer little to no encouragement to become Thrivers, thereby leading clients to continue feeling unseen and unheard in their relationships and communities. This workshop will explore "outside the box" alternatives to bring awareness to agencies to stop re-victimizing survivors by simply "meeting the numbers" and to start supporting their ongoing success by implementing a Survivor-to-Thriver peer mentorship program.

It's My Life's trauma-informed, resilient-focused services developed & led by trauma survivor, Marcella Maggio. Customized services for youth, professionals & community groups offered.